Washington, DC Bus Tours: Popular DC Attractions

Washington, DC Bus Tours: Popular DC Attractions

One of the first things that you consider when deciding on going on bus tours in Washington DC is what different things are on the itineraries of the bus company. DC Trails is proud to offer some of the best opportunities for seeing many of the fantastic attractions in this historic area. Here are some of the must-see places for your upcoming bus tours in Washington, DC.

  • Plenty of Memorials

There are a number of memorials that can be visited in this historical city. Everyone thinks of the Lincoln Memorial, but you can also see the monuments to Washington, Jefferson, MLK, and FDR. Plus, there are the war memorials, like the Vietnam War Memorial, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

  • The Iconic White House

You can’t enjoy bus tours in Washington DC without catching a glimpse of the most iconic home in the United States. You may not be able to get a tour inside of the building, but it’s a spectacular place for pictures and selfies. Plus, you can visit the Visitor Center that offers virtual tours using touchscreens, see artifacts from the White House, and check out the fun gift shop with White House-themed souvenirs to take home.

  • Lots of Museums

Being the capital of the country means that there are some spectacular museums. There are quite a few Smithsonian museums covering a variety of topics from aeronautics to natural history. In fact, there are 17 museums to explore that fall under the Smithsonian’s control during your bus tours in Washington DC.

  • The Fantastic Zoo

The Smithsonian also has a zoo that’s delightful to visit. You can have a great time checking out animals that are native and from around the world. Don’t forget to visit the pandas.

  • Bustling Chinatown

Cultural diversity is alive and well in Washington DC, and visiting bustling Chinatown is a sure treat. Be sure to check out the traditional architecture while visiting the shops and restaurants that call this area home.

Does this list of attractions have you ready to explore the city of Washington? Check out upcoming DC Trails bus tours in Washington DC to find the perfect one for you. For instance, you can try out our hop on hop off tours or our twilight tour. Have some questions about our services and how you can get the most out of your upcoming tour? Contact 


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