Who are the Owners


William and Liliana

When you are a part of the DC police special operation division, responsible for escorting the President, the Vice President and foreign dignitaries, you are expected to know and respect the streets of Washington, DC. That’s William Torres: founder of DCTrails; and along with his entrepreneurial wife Liliana, the two bring over 50 years of experience and expertise of travel and tour in and around Washington, DC.

William and Liliana Torres combined efforts in 2003 to build the largest and most comprehensive transportation business in the region. William founded DCTrails in 2000. A veteran and former motor officer assigned to the DC police special operation division, William has been serving the public for almost 30 years. William gained his leadership and mechanical experience, while heading a platoon responsible for the transportation needs of his division. William brings to the operation and maintenance of our fleet of 66 buses, the same care and attention to detail that he learned in the military. He developed his passion for driving and fixing large commercial vehicles (buses and trucks) as a young child, while hanging out with his father, a truck driver.


A brilliant businesswoman, Liliana co-founded our sister company, Quality Tour Transport in 1989. She brings over 20 years of experience to managing our strategic business and customer service operations. Born in Lima, Peru, Liliana graduated from Lima University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. She developed her entrepreneurial spirit from her father and family, who ran a very successful factory and chain of children’s stores. DCTrails represents another in a series of successful transportation companies built by Liliana.


Our commitment to excellence and leadership in the industry stems from the constant, hands-on attention to detail, provided by William and Liliana. Our DCTrails family includes approximately 180 team members, who handle the driving, mechanical, and customer service needs necessary to ensure your comfort and safety. We feel honored and blessed to have such a loyal, committed, and professional team behind the name DCTrails, without whom we could not begin to serve you effectively.
Thank you for using your Washington DC touring company: DCTrails… the Ultimate Touring Experience! Contact us, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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