Schools & Universities Charter Bus

Schools & Universities Charter Bus

As members of the Student Youth Travel Association, DC Trails is proud to safely transport thousands of students to and from numerous school and college events every year. Academic institutions in Washington, DC rely on our charter school bus service to arrive at pick up and drop off locations promptly and provide a comfortable ride for students to enjoy while they travel to sporting and academic events. Join the over 3,200 active and recurring clients who annually trust DC Trails to transport their 1,000,000+ passengers safely and on time.

We encourage you to read more about our record & pledge, courteous staff, and commitment to service and safety in the “Who We Are” section on the nav bar above.

Charter School Bus Services You Can Trust

Not only has DC Trails partnered with many academic institutions in the DC area, but we have also been awarded the highest rating by the Department of Transportation for our exemplary safety practices and our extraordinary services. Our friendly drivers ensure that the students disembark from our vehicles safely once they have arrived at their destination and that they know where to go once they have left the bus. Our fleet is regularly maintained to ensure our drivers do not run into any problems or safety risks while on the road.

Enjoy Fully Equipped Vehicles

While preparing for a major sporting or academic event, students need the space to relax, enjoy a climate-controlled atmosphere during long journeys, and use the facilities available on our busses. Students are also welcome to pack food and beverages to refuel on the bus before they arrive at their event. Our DC Trails fleet features plenty of storage space, which means that young athletes have room to bring all of their gear on the road.

How to Schedule a Charter School Bus Service

DC Trails has partnered with many institutions across Washington, DC, guaranteeing a comfortable ride every time. However, if your group of students are new to our services, you can request a quote online and contact us when you are ready to schedule your school charter bus!


Ready To Book Your Private Group Or A Charter Bus? Contact DCTrails!

Looking for a reliable and simple way to book a charter bus service? You have come to the right place. Reach out to us with your requirements or queries and we will walk you through the step-by-step process to help you plan the perfect trip to Washington DC.