Planning A DC School Trip? Hire A Charter School Bus Service for A Great Ride!

Planning A DC School Trip? Hire A Charter School Bus Service for A Great Ride!

Every year, millions of students visit our nation’s capitol in Washington DC, not to mention all the students who live in the area. If you’re planning a trip for educational or academic purposes, what’s the best way to get around? For more and more schools, the answer is to hire charter school bus services!

DCTrails are proud members of the Student Youth Travel Association, and we’re fully certified to keep your students safe. Hiring a charter school bus service brings plenty of benefits, and it’s less expensive than you might think.

Why Hiring A DC Charter School Bus Service Is a Good Idea

1. Familiarity with the area

This is particularly important for school trips coming in from out of town. You may have your own buses and drivers, but they aren’t going to know DC half as well as a local bus company. DC metro traffic can be dense and confusing, and that puts a lot of extra pressure on drivers who are having to deal with unfamiliar roads while still keeping everyone safe.

That also means:

2. Optimized routes

You’re going to arrive at DC with a clear idea of what locations and attractions you want to visit – but what’s the best order to visit them, and the best times of day to visit? Again, you can leverage the knowledge of locals to help ensure your trip goes smoothly and safely, while still seeing everything you want your students to experience.

3. Added comfort and amenities

Students, especially younger students, tend to get bored and uncomfortable on long school bus rides – which means discipline issues. Chartered buses are more comfortable than regular school buses, and also include distracting amenities such as free Wi-Fi or potentially even in-seat entertainment. This makes the trip more pleasant for you, as well as keeps your students occupied during long drives.

4. Guaranteed safety

Student trips are actually one of the most common reasons that buses are chartered, so a good charter school bus service is going to know how to keep everyone safe. You can focus on the experience while trusting that your students are in good hands.

DCTrails is available year-round for the best in charter school bus services. If you’re planning an educational trip in or around Washington DC, contact us to make it the best field trip ever!


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