Top Washington, D.C. Campus Tours You Can’t Miss

Top Washington, D.C. Campus Tours You Can’t Miss

Housing some of the most well-known and esteemed universities in the country, the nation’s capital often sees several students flocking in every school year. These students make their way to Washington, D.C., and often have a lot to explore and take in to make themselves at home before the responsibilities of their school year take over. However, the huge crowds and notoriously heavy traffic make it really hard for these new guests of the city to explore all the campuses and nearby places in time. In this scenario, booking a Washington, D.C. bus tour might be your best bet for a quick and thorough tour of the city and its main campuses.

In this post, we explore some of the must-visit campuses the city has to offer.

Catholic University of America (CUA)

The Catholic University of America boasts the largest campus in the country, with a land size of over 176 acres. You can witness several scenic and historical buildings inside the premises of the school. Some of the most popular programs at the university include political science, marketing, nursing, and psychology.

If you’re interested in a group tour, try to submit a request at least two weeks in advance.

Howard University

Howard University, founded in 1867, is best known for being a keystone in the history of African American education, post-Civil War. The university also retains the honor of establishing the nation’s first Black law school, which is among the top law schools in the country. The walking student tours are about one hour long to complete with the help of a student ambassador. You’ll need to submit a request for the tour at least two weeks in advance.

Georgetown University

With a legacy of over 230 years, Georgetown is one of the most reputed universities in the country. Over its considerably long life, the university has seen students major in subjects like finance, political science, international relations, and economics. A typical campus tour here lasts about an hour and demands the visitor to submit a request at least three weeks before the tour.

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