Top 8 Reasons to Consider DC Bus Tours This Summer

Top 8 Reasons to Consider DC Bus Tours This Summer

Our nation’s capital is full of beautiful monuments, historic sites, and humbling memorials, making it one of the most eye-opening destinations in America. One fantastic way to see this amazing location is through DC bus tours.

Here are eight other reasons you should consider DC Trails‘ tours for your Washington, DC, trip.

  1. Traffic can be hectic.

As with all major cities, the traffic in and around DC can become hectic quickly, particularly around peak times. Bus tours allow you to avoid driving in DC’s unpredictable traffic.

  1. Public transportation is crowded.

City buses and the metro are two ways you can get around DC, however, these modes of public transportation are often overcrowded. Public transport also only takes you so far, requiring you to travel by foot to reach many of the area’s attractions.

  1. You can enjoy the sights instead of navigating.

There are so many beautiful buildings, landscapes, and monuments that you would not be able to fully enjoy if you had to focus on the road and navigating the road.

  1. Benefit from the tour guide’s expert area knowledge.

The tour guides at DC Trails have extensive knowledge of the local history and meaning behind the iconic sites around the DC area.

  1. Allows for easier group outings.

DC bus tours allow larger groups, such as school or church groups, to enjoy the many wonderful locations without coordinating public transport or multiple vehicles.

  1. Never worry about parking.

Parking around the most popular attractions can become an expensive nightmare during the peak tourist season, often requiring you to walk long distances to reach your destination.

  1. Saves you time, stress, and money.

Bus tours can cut down on travel time, reduce the stress of navigating DC’s hectic streets, and save you money on public transportation. These combine to create a wonderful DC trip for the whole family.

  1. Allows you to see more of our capitol’s treasures.

Bus tours use expertly planned routes to ensure the most efficient way to see as many of the wonderful sites as possible, allowing you to see more than you would if you toured DC on your own.

DC bus tours are a terrific way to see the splendor of Washington, DC. For more information or to book your next trip, contact the team at DC Trails today!


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