The Best Washington, DC Tours for Seniors | DCTrails

The Best Washington, DC Tours for Seniors | DCTrails

When it comes to visiting Washington, DC, it’s important to do so comfortably and hit all of the must-see items on your checklist. That’s why taking one of the many Washington, DC, tours for seniors is always a great idea. This way you can tour the city at your leisure in the most comfortable way possible.

Here DC Trails has collected some more about the best DC tours for seniors!

Choose a Private Tour vs. a Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour

There are a variety of private tours and hop-on, hop-off tours out there, and both claim to be convenient and easy. However, for the best experience we recommend choosing a private tour over a hop-on, hop-off one. This is because private senior tours can be personalized, so you’ll only go to see the landmarks that you want.

Additionally, you can go at your own pace rather than have to keep up with anyone else’s schedule. All of the pickup locations are also extremely convenient, making a private tour a great choice for those that want to see DC in a relaxed, comfortable manner that’s personalized for them.

The Memorials & Landmarks Are Up to You

When taking a private tour, the memorials and landmarks you choose to visit are entirely up to you. There are certainly no shortage of sights to see and many of the most popular landmarks and memorials include the Jefferson, Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr., and Albert Einstein memorials, among many others. Of course, there’s also the capital building, as well as the White House, in addition to a host of museums and other destinations.

Where are the Pickup & Drop-off Points for Our Private Tours?

The pickup and drop-off points for the day trips from DC Trails are located in Manassas at the Wal-Mart in the parking lot on the right and Woodbridge at Featherstone Shopping Center, located at 14527 Jefferson Davis Highway. For overnight tours, pickup and drop-off is at the Manassas public parking lot adjacent to the Manassas Sr. Center at 9320 Mosby Street, and Woodbridge at the A. J. Ferlazzo Building located at 15941 Donald Curtis Drive.

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