Our Tour Team Presents 6 Facts on Mount Vernon

Our Tour Team Presents 6 Facts on Mount Vernon

In introducing you to one of our best tour options, we’re hoping to help you learn more about Mount Vernon. Our Mount Vernon tour team has spent many years in the area, and in this blog, will help introduce you to a few of the elements that make Mount Vernon unique in its heritage and history.

  1. This land of Mount Vernon was originally called “Little Hunting Creek”. The name was later changed to “Mount Vernon” by Lawrence Washington (George’s older half-brother) after he was given the land. The area is now named for Washington’s former commanding officer, Admiral Edward Vernon.
  1. Mount Vernon had a home on the land for over three centuries, with the original structure built in 1735 by Augustine Washington, the father of George Washington. At the time, the home comprised a 1.5 story farmhouse with six rooms.
  1. There are two family tombs on the property. The old tomb originally was the family crypt, but when Washington died, his will designated that a new burial vault be built. This occurred in 1831.
  1. While George Washington is recognized in American history as a leading political voice and a President of the nation, he considered himself a farmer first and foremost. Washington’s connection to his farming roots is highlighted by the largest room in the mansion, where farming tools are featured in the ceiling design.
  1. In 1858, the Mount Vernon Ladies purchased Mount Vernon and restored it to its past glory. Their work is the foundation to the renovation process that helped the mansion become the noted DC icon it is today.
  1. While the work on the mansion helped restore it expertly, the mansion is still not symmetrical. This is owing to the design challenge Washington faced originally, in that the construction of the stairs in the home pushed the door to the North and the window south into the dining room. This aesthetic remains in place today in-keeping with the original structure of the property.

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Each of these facts highlights the unique history behind impeccable Mount Vernon. It’s now the site of historical tours by visitors from across the country. In choosing local Mount Vernon tour options, it’s important to work with a company that specializes in local history and in unique tour experiences. Book your Mount Vernon tour today, with our team at DC Trails.


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