How to Tour the Monuments and Memorials in Washington DC

How to Tour the Monuments and Memorials in Washington DC

Washington, DC is a fascinating historical and political center, offering countless monuments and memorials throughout the city. With a monument tour of Washington DC, visitors can ensure they do not miss any of the important sights in this great city.

The team at DC Trails understands how difficult it can be to decide on the perfect tour to compliment your visit to Washington, DC. They have made this decision much easier by explaining some of the key attributes of each of our monument tour options.

Monument tours in Washington, DC

Hop-on hop-off tours

Many visitors come to Washington, DC with specific monuments in mind, that they wish to explore, and some that they are willing to skip. A hop-on-hop-off bus tour is a perfect way to explore the city’s incredible monuments with the ultimate flexibility. DC Trails offers 20 stops, where tourists have the option to hop off the bus and spend as much time as they wish for set ticket prices that allow visitors to enjoy a 24 or 48-hour pass.

Twilight tours

Washington DC comes to life at night, with countless significant monuments beautifully lit up against the night sky. Additionally, many of Washington, DC’s greatest events happen after dark including public musical performances, art exhibitions, and many others. Visitors who wish to see this side of Washington DC should consider monument tours, which take place in the evening. With our comfortable fleet of DC Trails tour busses, visitors can sit back and relax while enjoying a memorable twilight tour of Washington DC’s monuments.

Senior tours

Exploring the sights in a city as exciting and dynamic as Washington, DC can be difficult for older adults who may not be as mobile as other tourists. Seniors can look for guided tours, which offer an array of sightseeing opportunities from the comfort of a safe tour bus. At DC Trails, we offer a Bluebird Senior Tour at an affordable rate, with guaranteed reliable and accommodating service.

Day tours outside of Washington

Some of DC’s greatest monuments are located outside of Washington. Visitors can explore incredible places such as Mount Vernon through monument day tours from Washington, DC.

At DC Trails, we have created several monument tour options to accommodate the needs of all visitors to Washington, DC. For more information on our highly regarded city tours, visit our website or call us today at 1(703) 360-2800!


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