5 Reasons to opt for a Private Tour of Washington, DC

5 Reasons to opt for a Private Tour of Washington, DC

There are a lot of different tour companies in the Washington, DC area, making it difficult to choose the right one for you. However, there are a number of advantages to the private tours of Washington, DC offered by DC Trails.

Here we’ve collected some of the top reasons to charter a bus for a private tour with us!

1. Added Comfort and Safety

When you book a privately guided tour with DC Trails, you’ll have every comfort and amenity at your disposal. Plus, our guides and drivers are trained in all of today’s latest safety and cleaning protocols and since you’ll be traveling privately, you won’t have to come into contact with other passengers.

2. Flexibility

Private tours offer flexibility that other alternatives don’t. This is because you’ll be able to decide what to see and when, as well as choose your pickup and drop-off locations, and much more. You’ll also be more relaxed and able to tour DC at your own pace.

3. Special Access

Many private tour companies have working relationships with many of the national monuments, museums, and other destinations in DC. Often, you’ll be provided with special access to reserved areas or can visit during off-hours when landmarks and other places are much less crowded.

4. Cost-Effective

Private tours of Washington, DC, can be much more economical than other alternatives. This is because many private tour companies, DC Trails included, offer special discounts and benefits for those who want the best experience possible.

5. Easier Communication

Often with large group tours and public tours, you might be fighting for the tour guide’s attention, especially if you have a question. However, when chartering a bus for a private tour, you’ll have it all to yourself and gain extensive insight into the area!

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