The Benefits of Washington DC Private Tours

The Benefits of Washington DC Private Tours

Have you been mulling over whether you should book that private tour of Washington, or choose a public one? While you may think the two are similar, they definitely are not. Here is why you should choose a private tour and how DC Trails can help!

Private Bus Tours vs. Public Options

As the name would suggest, a private option offers you and your group a closed and private tour and bus all to yourselves. This is a great option for those looking to really take in the city on their own terms without having to worry about not getting on a bus seat or missing key locations and places they wanted to check out. While some may think this is a prdicy option, for those traveling with big families or groups, it often is a more affordable option than having to buy individual tickets and other expenses that come along with non-private options.

Public tours on the other hand can’t compete with private bus tours. With public tours, you are paired with strangers and a large group. Unlike private tours, you are left touring at a specific pace, and you don’t get the same level of enjoyment or attention. There are also what are known as “pay what you can tour” but again, with these, you really won’t get the same level of enjoyment and relaxation as you would with a private option.

Better Buses

Now that you understand the benefits a private tour can offer, another big aspect, besides the actual “tour” benefits are the buses and fleet you can get with a private bus company like Dc Trails. We’re proud to have the very best when it comes to buses. Our fleet includes shuttle buses, passenger coach buses.

Unfortunately, with many public tours, due to the constant wear and tear, along with less attention to details, the buses you get aren’t as nice, and you don’t get to choose based on your needs.

What DC Trails Can Offer You

Not only do we provide the very best in private tours of Washington DC, but we also offer so much more. Our charter destinations and services also include trips to New York, Atlantic City, sports teams and events, conference transportation, weddings, and more.

To learn more about our private tours and other bus services, reach out to our team to book your bus today!


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