When is the Best Time for a Washington, DC City Tour?

When is the Best Time for a Washington, DC City Tour?

When planning your city tour in Washington, DC, it’s important to consider the best times of the year to visit the city and get the most from the experience. While the city offers something for everyone throughout the year, there are more popular times of the year in which you’ll find interesting events to enjoy.

Let’s explore the best times to visit Washington, DC for a city tour.


During the September-to-November months in Washington, DC, the temperatures dip considerably and summer turns to fall. It’s a pleasant time of the year to visit for many, as the temperatures will be cool yet comfortable. Another key benefit is that tourism levels are lower during this period, so you may find you avoid the crowds at popular locations.


Bring a sweater and a scarf and enjoy winter in Washington, DC. The December-to-February months of the year offer a number of benefits to visitors. You’ll experience magical winter sights throughout the city while saving money on hotels and popular tourist destinations. You’ll also have first-hand access to hotels and restaurants throughout DC for your stay.


March through May is usually one of the more popular times of the year to visit the city. This is when the National Cherry Blossom Festival begins, and when spring is starting across the region. While temperatures might not be warm, they will be comfortable for most visitors.


In the June-to-August period of the year, you’ll enjoy average temperatures in the mid-80s and easier access throughout the city, as the locals are usually away on vacation during this time. This is the ideal period to stop-by air-conditioned spaces such as the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the Library of Congress. Make sure you bring plenty of water on your trip and watch for high humidity levels when checking the weather.

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