What to Expect From Private Group Tours of Washington DC

What to Expect From Private Group Tours of Washington DC

One of the pride and joys here at DC Trails is our private group tours of Washington DC and many other great locations across the United States. Here’s what you can expect when you book a private bus tour.

What are Private Group Tours?

Ideal for groups of 15 or more, private tours allow you to reserve an entire bus to take you and your group to your chosen destination without having a bunch of strangers share the bus. This is a great option for larger groups, such as:

The VIP Treatment

When you book a private tour with DC Trails, your bus will be driven by a highly trained and experienced driver to get you safely to your destination. You will ride in style in one of our well maintained, plush touring vehicles complete with climate control, comfortable seating and more.

The Tour

While your chosen destination will play a huge role in the overall tour experience, every destination is sure to please. Our Washington, DC tours, for example, take you across the DC area to the most iconic and historic landmarks, monuments, and more. Entry fees to the many attractions are extra but optional, so plan accordingly.

Shopping and Meals

Throughout your tour, you will have many opportunities to take advantage of great shopping and mouthwatering meals. In DC sidewalk vendors offer a wide range of fun and interesting items and tasty snacks. Eateries are also scattered about waiting to tempt your taste buds.

Tours beyond the DC Area

Here at DC Trails, we specialize in tours of Washington DC, however, that doesn’t stop us from helping you explore everything that America has to offer. In the past, we have successfully conducted private group tours of the following great destinations:

If you have a destination in mind for your group tour that is not listed, please contact us today to find out more.

Group tours are a great way to bond with loved ones, explore enriching areas, and learn something new with like-minded people. Best of all, they are more affordable than you think. To learn more about booking your next group tour, please contact the professionals at DC Trails today!


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