Washington DC’s Private Charter Destinations

Washington DC’s Private Charter Destinations

private charter bus is a perfect way to enjoy a trip with a large group of people at an affordable rate. At DC Trails, we are dedicated to providing a safe, reliable service that allows groups to sit back and relax while we take you to your destination on one of our comfortable coach buses.

Our team has broken down some of the fabulous destinations where you can travel to out of Washington, DC with our charter buses.

Charter Bus Destinations from Washington, DC

Historical destinations

At DC Trails, we are passionate about exploring North America’s historically rich destinations and allowing our passengers to immerse themselves in U.S. history. Take yourself to the 18th with a private charter to Richmond, where visitors can find historical architecture and markings of the Confederate Army. For a look into the lives of politically significant historical figures, our charters will take you to fascinating locations across Virginia, including Monticello, where visitors can see the home of Thomas Jefferson and America’s Historic Triangle where visitors can see the roots of the United States.

Warm weather destinations

The East Coast of the United States offers some of the most relaxing, beautiful beaches and fun warm-weather destinations in the country. Our private charter buses will take you to two of the most popular sunny destinations, including Virginia Beach and Orlando. For a relaxing trip with friends or family, head to Virginia Beach and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. For a high-energy trip, experience the magic of Disney in Orlando and soak up the sun.

Lively East Coast cities

Whether you are attending a major event in one of America’s big cities, or you’re gathering a group for a vacation full of sightseeing and entertainment, a Washington DC charter bus can get you to some of the greatest cities in the country. DC Trails charter busses offer lines to the show-stopping city of New York and the cultural hub of Philadelphia.

Natural wonders

Many people forget that some of the most incredible natural wonders in the world are accessible with just a charter bus ride from Washington, DC. Visit Niagara Falls with DC Trails this year, and share this breathtaking experience with a group of friends, or family.

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