Top Tips For A Perfect, Stress-Free Vacation

Top Tips For A Perfect, Stress-Free Vacation

Visitors to Washington DC talk about how much they love the city on account of the history that lies at every corner. Not everyone loves the planning involved though. There are museum timings to consider, the best ways to commute, hotels and more to take care of. Here are a few suggestions that can ensure a stress-free tour of Washington DC.

How To Visit

Will you fly or drive in? This makes a difference because there are pros and cons to each option. Flying may be fun, but involves more hassles, so pick the route that makes your trip easier.

The Right Time

When you take a tour of Washington DC can have an impact not just on the crowds you have to navigate but other events such as festivals or scheduled protests. Do a bit of research before you book tickets.

Accommodation Matters

This is an extremely important aspect of your trip, so plan it well in advance. Always consider a hotel’s location and pick one close to a metro station.

Metro Cards

Driving can be stressful in Washington DC, which is why the metro exists. You can buy a pre-loaded SmarTrip metro card before your trip and simply hop on and off. Also do a bit of research on the metro, because it can be confusing at first. You have to know what station is closest to where you are, note the color of the route, check the direction each train track travels and also focus on the color of the trains.

Plan Your Itinerary

Given the sheer number of historical sites on any tour of Washington DC, it’s important to list the monuments or memorials you want to check out first. Narrow down options based on your personal interests and think about the most efficient way to get to them.

Food And Clothing

Look for restaurant options near your hotel and near the museums you plan to visit. Cafes inside major museums can be expensive, so think about that too. You will walk a lot, so wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Stay Stress-Free With DC Trails

Tours of Washington DC can be easy, fun-filled and memorable when you choose to go with tour operators who know their way around. For advice or recommendations, the tour experts at DCTrails will be happy to help. Contact us today for your next tour!


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