Top Reasons to Use a DC Charter Bus

Top Reasons to Use a DC Charter Bus

Traveling and touring on buses is a favorite pastime for many people, as these vehicles make it easy to travel in big groups and visit beautiful locations. DC Trails is the DC charter bus company that offers a wide range of tours across historical Washington, D.C. These charter buses are perfect for nearly any occasion and here are three great reasons to use a DC charter bus.

Guided Tours

Going on tours with a large group of people is one of the most popular reasons that people use charter buses. A charter bus is an excellent way to view all the historical monuments and museums across the beautiful city of Washington. DC Trails offers a diverse set of tours, such as seeing Washington, D.C. at night or a flexible trip that allows you to hop off and on at any time throughout the tour.


A charter bus is an excellent mode of transportation for friends and family to attend a wedding. A charter bus makes it easy for everyone to attend without worrying about being late or getting stuck in traffic. Private charter buses are a fantastic way for friends and family to enjoy each other’s company on the way to a wedding and experience the many amenities that are available.

Corporate Getaway

A charter bus is also a fantastic option for a corporate getaway. Whether you wish to visit historic Washington or other places in the area, DC Trails can provide your business with the perfect corporate getaway. A charter bus allows each employee to reach the destination at the same time, while also enjoying each other’s company and relaxing together on a corporate getaway.

A DC charter bus is perfect for any occasion, whether you are on a tour, attending a wedding, or on a corporate getaway. DC Trails offers a diverse range of tours in Washington, as we have over 16 years of experience in the industry. Meeting the needs of each client is always a top priority, as we focus on providing the best customer services available in the industry, as we have over 3,200 active and recurring clients that choose to use our charter bus services.

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