Top Places to Visit in Philadelphia

Top Places to Visit in Philadelphia

Choosing to visit Philadelphia is a great choice for anyone that loves to check out historical sites. Seeing the actual location for the signing of the Declaration of Independence and various attractions related to Benjamin Franklin are only a few of the many interesting stops throughout the City of Brotherly Love. Riding on a charter bus in Philadelphia is one of the best ways to visit all of these historic places.

Here are a few of the best locations to visit in Philadelphia.

The Liberty Bell

A trip to Philadelphia is never complete without viewing the Liberty Bell. It’s believed that the Liberty Bell was rung during the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Now the Liberty Bell remains one of the most iconic symbols of freedom for the United States.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Another great place for you to visit is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The stairs of this museum were made famous by Rocky Balboa running up and down to finish his training. You can even get your photo taken with the statue of this famous boxing champ on the big screen. Also, don’t forget to check out the museum to view many wonderful pieces of art.

Please Touch Museum

Spending time at the Please Touch Museum is perfect for anyone with younger kids. The freedom to touch the artifacts creates a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. These interactive exhibits and special attractions are a great choice for families that are interested in learning more about history and science.

Franklin Square

Franklin Square is an urban green space that’s one of the original five public places in Philadelphia. You can check out a wide range of attractions, such as playing mini-golf, riding a carousel, or enjoying a picnic. Many festivals are also held throughout the year, making it a must-see stop while using Philadelphia charter bus rental services.

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