The Iconic Buildings You’ll Discover on Your Washington, DC Twilight Tour

The Iconic Buildings You’ll Discover on Your Washington, DC Twilight Tour

The Washington, DC, Twilight Tour has become one of the more popular options for clients choosing our tour services. Our tour guests continue to be amazed by the sights and surroundings that await them as they travel to our country’s capital. Today, we’re going to highlight some of the iconic buildings you’ll see and experience on our Washington, DC, Twilight Tour.

The Whitehouse

The Whitehouse will be our stop for sunset photos on our Twilight Tour. The building is the home of the President while in Washington, DC, and has been a centerpiece of American history since the country’s formation.

  • The Memorials

Our Washington, DC Twilight Tour will also take you to the memorials for Washington, Jefferson, FDR, and Lincoln. Each memorial combines stunning architecture in a peaceful setting and you’ll take in the memorials while learning about their history from our experienced tour guide. You will also be able to walk through the memorials as you visit, allowing you to take in a part of U.S. history and to learn more about our country.

  • The U.S. Capitol

You’ll also see the U.S. Capitol building on your Washington, DC, Twilight Tour with DC Trails. Our tour takes you close to the Capitol, allowing you to take pictures and see how the building appears when lit up against the Washington, DC skyline.

  • Smithsonian Museum

While on your Washington, DC, tour you can take in the Smithsonian Museum at night. The Museum’s nighttime lighting has captivated visitors for decades. We’ll make a stop at the Museum so that you can walk through the area and take in each of the building’s architectural details. At the Smithsonian, you’ll also be able to go inside the building and experience its prestigious interior architecture and educational exhibits.

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