The Four Best Things to Do in NYC and DC for People Who Love TV Shows

The Four Best Things to Do in NYC and DC for People Who Love TV Shows

Whenever you get excited watching that drama, just remember that it’s set in a real place! Whether you love The West Wing, Sex and the City or House of Cards, you can explore NYC and Washington, DC, on foot, by bike or by bus.

  1. Hop On Hop Off Washington DC Bus Tours

Take a cost-effective bus tour around Washington DC and see all the sights. Whether you want to see the world-famous Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, or the Washington Monument, a flexible hop on hop off Washington, DC, bus tour gives you everything you need to check out all the great locations from shows like House of Cards.

Time flies when you’re exploring the capital, but that’s why tours like this are so great. With 20 stops on the route, you can check out some museums and monuments, visit the White House and other locations from The West Wing, and then move on the next time the bus comes around. There’s no better way to see the district, especially with a guide on hand to share some memorable anecdotes along the way.

  1. Sex and The City Hotspots Tour

From the New York Public Library to the sex shop where Charlotte buys her first adult toy, there’s nothing like celebrating NYC with a show you love. Even though it ended over 15 years ago, those great locations are still there, and it’s a great excuse for a cocktail-fueled adventure.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour

It’s not just a bridge that features in nearly every wide shot of New York, it’s also a classic TV show and one of the central thoroughfares of the city that never sleeps. Take it easy and work on your health with a fun bike tour to celebrate the warm weather.

  1. Gossip Girl NYC Tour

From Grand Central Station to the Vera Wang boutique, live like the most elite New Yorkers with a tour of Manhattan’s most exclusive districts. Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday?

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