The Benefits of Exploring Washington, DC by Night

The Benefits of Exploring Washington, DC by Night

While Washington, DC is normally bustling with tourists all day, the city offers a whole new side of itself at night. With the DC Trails Twilight Tour, visitors can take a look at this breathtaking city as it lights up under the evening sky and enjoy a far less crowded visit to some of North America’s most popular tourist attractions.

Here, the DC Trails team has explained some of our favorite things to do in Washington, DC at night.

Tips for Exploring Washington, DC by Night

Enjoy free activities with Washington locals

Before venturing out for the evening, we suggest researching the city’s local concerts and theatre performances, which are scheduled for that night. If you’re lucky, your visit may fall on the day of Shakespeare Theatre Company’s free annual play. The city also offers weekly free outdoor concerts and movie showings in the park during the summer. Only those who are in the know will come to these evening events, which means you will more than likely be surrounding with Washington locals.

Get an unobstructed view of the sites

Many of Washington, DC’s most popular tourist attractions are open to the public at all times. Most tourists, however, race to visit these sites during the day, and struggle to get a good view of the city’s famous monuments and memorials. Night owls can take the city bus to the National Mall after dark and get a great view of major attractions such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument without elbowing their way to the front of a large crowd.

Go for a scenic bike ride

If you plan on visiting Washington, DC in the summer, the warm evening breeze is perfect for a long bike ride around the city. Visitors can rent bicycles at a low cost from a variety of companies in the city and enjoy minimal traffic during the evening. This is also a great way to get a look at some of the incredible buildings, which are lit up at night such as the White House and the U.S. Capitol.

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