Stay Safe on Your Washington DC Bus Tours with These Easy Tips

Stay Safe on Your Washington DC Bus Tours with These Easy Tips

While DC is fast becoming one of the safest regions for those visiting from across the country, there are still important safety steps to take into consideration before booking a trip. Our team of DC bus tours experts has great experience in this area of the marketplace, and within this latest post, our DC Trials team is highlighting five tips that will help keep you safe on your Washington DC bus tours.

  1. Bring Water & Sunscreen for Summer

DC is one of those rare U.S regions that experience four unique seasons each year. Many are surprised to learn just how warm it gets in the summer months. Make sure you’re safe and prepared by bringing sunscreen and water with you on your bus tour.

  1. Make a plan for Street Closures

As the capital of the country and the home of the White House, DC is known widely for its protests and parades. Make sure that your tour has a plan for any protests in the area. And if you’re traveling with family, ensure that each person knows the plan and stays connected with any children joining you on your trip.

  1. Consider Pickpockets

As with any major city, there are a number of pickpocketing crimes that occur each week in Washington DC. They occur most often in the subway stations connected the city’s various hubs.  Remember to keep all bags in front of you while traveling and keep your wallet and other valuables in front pockets. Be vigilant when using public transit and be aware of potential security risks that can arise when traveling in large groups.

  1. Speak to Security Teams if You Have Security Related Questions

DC’s various tourist spots are known to be well protected by security guards. Make sure you only address security professionals if you have a security-related question. Feel free to approach them if you are concerned about your safety at any point.

  1. Plan Well in Advance for Car Trips

If you plan on taking your car to DC and are traveling outside your Washington DC bus tours, you might wish to consult the local road closure information. On most major streets, parking is not allowed between 7 and 9 am or 4 to 6 pm. This is due to a large number of commuters making their way to and from work at these times.

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