Sightseeing Throughout the Seasons in Washington, DC

Sightseeing Throughout the Seasons in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is one of the few cities in North America, which offers equally enticing sightseeing opportunities year-round. Whether you plan on visiting Washington during the cold winter or the vibrant spring, there are a few seasonal treasures throughout the city that you do not want to miss.

At DC Trails, our bus tours of Washington, DC operate year-round so that visitors can get a taste of enchanting seasonal sights and fun activities. Continue reading for a few of our favorite seasonal sightseeing opportunities in Washington, DC.

Seasonal Tips for Visiting Washington, DC

  • Washington during spring

Aside from summer, spring is the busiest time to visit tourist attractions in Washington, DC due to optimal weather conditions. This is a great time of the year to enjoy outdoor activities such as a walk through the historic town of Mount Vernon. During a bus tour from Washington, DC, tourists can stroll through Martha’s gardens and explore the grounds of George Washington’s famous estate. This is also a great time to take a hop-on hop-off bus tour and disembark for a walkthrough Washington’s interesting neighborhoods.

  • Washington during summer

Although the weather in Washington can become fairly humid and uncomfortable during the summer months, there is no busier time to visit the city’s famous attractions such as the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. However, visitors can enjoy the cool summer nights in Washington with free outdoor concerts, movie showings, and interesting night tours such as our Twilight Tour. At DC Trails, we offer air-conditioned busses to keep you feeling comfortable while you explore the city.

  • Washington during autumn

If you are looking for some impressive photo opportunities, there is no better time to visit Washington, DC than the autumn months. Tourists can avoid the crowds during high-season and view the stunning, vibrant colors of fall that bring the city to life. The weather is still fairly mild during the first half of autumn, making it a great time to walk around the city and view all of Washington’s famous political and historical sights.

  • Washington during winter

Washington endures fairly cold winters, which makes it difficult to explore the city on foot. However, this is a great time to visit the city’s fascinating museums such as the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the International Spy Museum.DC Trails
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