Show Your Support for DC & Local Businesses | DCTrails

Show Your Support for DC & Local Businesses | DCTrails

With many tourist destinations and locations around the Washington, DC, area moving to virtual platforms or taking precautions against the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be wondering how to still offer your support without visiting them. Don’t worry, there are some great ways to help out while staying safe at home with your loved ones.

Instead of taking tours of Washington, DC, the team from DCTrails has collected a few ways you can help local businesses in the meantime.

Pick Up Some Local Gift Cards

One of the best ways to continue supporting the local businesses in the Washington, DC, area, is to purchase a few gift cards from your favorite destinations. Since so many businesses have been forced to adapt to drastically reduced in-store purchases and have cut many goods and services, buying a gift card is a way to provide your favorite local establishments with a sort of mini-loan to help them stay afloat.

Have Some Food Delivered

So, you can’t visit that favorite restaurant of yours in DC; why not get your favorite dish delivered? Many restaurants are relying on online orders and deliveries from patrons to keep their doors open during this tough time. Next time you’ve got a hankering for your favorite plate, place an order online or over the phone; and don’t forget to tip!

Bored at Home? Grab a Book!

If you’re getting tired of doing the same thing every day while in self-isolation or social-distancings mode, why not delve into another world by picking up a new book? The majority of bookstores in the DC area are offering digital orders or free delivery. Although you can’t browse, it’s the next best thing.

Take a Virtual Tour of Washington DC

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or just loved visiting DC: everyone has a favorite museum. Nowadays, many of the area’s most popular museums are offering fun and informative virtual tours. Why not take a tour of the National Art Gallery and explore your favorite ancient artifacts and art pieces in a way you’ve never seen them before?

Let us help you make it until your next tour of Washington, DC!

If you’ve had to postpone your tour of Washington, DC, or are waiting for the perfect moment to visit, let us help you stay busy during the meantime. For more information about virtual tour offerings and other activities, contact us online today or call (703) 360-2800.


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