Upon arrival at Bird-In Hand we will enjoy the Dutch-
style country cooking at a fantastic smorgasbord lunch.

This will be followed by the matinee performance of
Half-Stitched The Musical. What could possibly go
wrong when an Amish widow decides to teach a small
weekend quilting class? Cultures collide and
personalities clash, and a mixed bag of characters
learn a little about quilts, and a lot about themselves.
This Broadway-caliber musical dramedy will have you
bent over laughing, fighting back tears, and humming
along to unforgettable melodies. Following this show,
we board our bus to proceed to the Strasburg
Railroad to depart on their Murder Mystery Ride. We
are introduced to guests who are traveling by rail for
the big premiere of a new Broadway show and to
attend an intimate reception with its star. As the train
departs, guests are treated one beverage. Snacks are
available for purchase. Soon after, a body. Is

discovered Who could the killer be? The high-
powered press agent, the famous actor, her jealous

manager, or even the barman? It’s anyone’s guess!
Lucky for us passengers — but not so lucky for him —
Detective Cecil B. Holden from Scotland Yard recently
completed a case in Strasburg, PA. He happens to be
on board this train trip, heading to New York City. Can
Detective Holden solve the murder and get the guests
to the theatre on time? Find out who done it in this
thrilling, murderous adventure on the rails.

We will depart Manassas at 7:30 a.m. and Woodbridge at 8:15
A.M. a.m. Return time is approximate 9:30 p.m. with a
fast-food stop on the way home.
Note: This tour is limited to 30 passengers.


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