Questions You Need To Ask If You’re Looking For The Best Bus Tours In DC

Questions You Need To Ask If You’re Looking For The Best Bus Tours In DC

A lot of visitors to Washington DC are now aware that DC bus tours are one of the best ways to get around. They give you quick and easy access to all the best features of the city, allow you to squeeze in a lot of sights quickly and, most importantly, do this without breaking the bank. It’s important to choose the right kind of tour though, so here are a few questions you can ask to make the decision simpler.

Do they cover the best spots?

Before choosing your DC bus tours, always ask what places the tour will cover in the city. Naturally, it should include the historic spots, but you can also expect the best places to eat, a few interesting shopping areas, theme parks and other attractions. This question allows you to evaluate whether you really are getting your money’s worth.

Do they give you options?

What options do you have with the DC bus tours you want to consider? This involves who you are traveling with and what your interests are. If you are a family, for instance, does the tour allow you to bond without too much crowding? Are the time schedules flexible for your needs? Is the duration right for your other tasks and personal schedule?

Do they have the right vehicles?

This is important even if you aren’t visiting with children. All the DC bus tours you consider should offer you comfortable vehicles. You should also ask about fees for children depending on their age, child policies that work for you, accessibility for the handicapped if required, or policy regarding pets.

Do they allow food on board?

The food and drink policy matters on any DC bus tour because some may not allow any food on board and give you a chance to hop off at designated areas for refreshments instead. This is important when you’re traveling with children though, so ask before booking a tour.

The Best Bus Tours In DC

The best bus tours in Washington DC should cover all its hidden treasures and things to see and do without you having to spend a fortune. Check out DC Trails for holiday ideas or schedules, and contact our team for advice on anything you need!


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