Orlando Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors | DCTrails

Orlando Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors | DCTrails

Getting around a new city can prove to be challenging, especially for first-time visitors. From laying out the perfect itinerary to executing it, one can lose out on a lot while juggling the many tasks of planning a trip.

However, a little bit of homework before leaving for the trip can save you a great deal of trouble. Knowing what to expect and how to go about your way is always a good idea for travelers, especially if it’s your first time seeing a city.

That’s why DCTrails has compiled a brief, beginner-friendly guide to Orlando tourism.

What to see?

Orlando, home to some of the world’s most popular theme parks, sparks a spirit of adventure and fun in all its visitors. Some great places in the city to visit include:

Disney World: An absolute no-brainer, Disney World tops the list of every tourist making their way to Orlando. Stretched to cover four massive theme parks, this Disney World is the largest in the world and is thus a famous tourist hotspot.

Universal Studios: If films and theater excite you, you mustn’t miss out on this theme park. Filled with fun and exciting film-based rides, tours, and more, the Universal Studios is a welcome treat for tourists.

SeaWorld: Are you a fan of aquatic life? Well, then you need to capitalize on the up-close tours with friendly sea animals at SeaWorld, Orlando. 

Finding your way around the city

While traveling is always fun, sometimes a lack of properly planned commute can cost you extra money and hamper your budget when on a trip. Typically, one can rely on taxis, but that puts the tourist at risk of extra costs and the unpredictability of finding a taxi. Similarly, public transportation is a good, affordable travel option, but at the same time, carries the possibility of delays and unfavorable routes.

So, what must a tourist do?

Well, a savvy way of going about your travel is to book a charter bus via a credible tour bus company. Charter buses are a viable and comfortable commute option that allows tourists the freedom to be the boss of their own routines.

Where to find your ideal charter bus solution?

DCTrails is a reputable tour bus company that offers reliable charter bus services in Orlando. One can book their bus flexibly according to their itinerary and enjoy a punctual, air-conditioned commute at affordable rates. The company also offers local tours in collaboration with reputable tour companies that make the experience of first-time visitors to the city even more streamlined. Now that’s what we call a smart travel option! You can get to know more about our Orlando-based charter bus services by contacting us online or calling 1 (703) 360-2800.


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