How to Plan a Senior-Friendly Trip to Washington, DC?

How to Plan a Senior-Friendly Trip to Washington, DC?

The passion for experiencing the world is not restricted to any age. Traveling by yourself or with friends is a fun way to spend your idle time and make memories as you age.

Packed with world-renowned museums, historic monuments, and exquisite malls, Washington, DC is one location that has much to offer for senior citizens to enjoy. With just a little bit of research and planning, one can plan a comfortable and successful trip around this capital city of the States.

Here DC Trails has collected some tips on how to go about your planning!

1. Do your research

As mentioned, it is best to do a little bit of homework before embarking on a trip, particularly for senior citizens. Know your rest stops, meal timings, and hotel reservations well in advance to avoid any gaps. Call ahead to check with hospitality professionals about any special amenities that you may require as a senior citizen or that they might offer.

2. Know your commute

A critical yet frequently overlooked part of planning a successful trip is to arrange a viable commute. Especially for the elderly, a comfortable and efficient travel option is a must to avoid unnecessary exertion and hassle. One excellent option for such trips, specifically for larger groups, is charter buses. Charter buses are affordable commute options, equipped with all essential amenities such as air conditioners, free water bottles, storage spaces, Wi-Fi options, and charging portals, that make your travel experience easy and efficient.

3. Plan for backup destinations

Having a perfect itinerary in place is essential. However, sometimes due to unforeseen events, you can’t follow through. To avoid such scenarios, it is always best to have a backup destination in mind and communicate it to your charter bus driver beforehand. In case your primary destination cannot be accessed, you can always make your way to the backup spot without skipping a beat.

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