How To Get The Most Out Of Washington DC On A Budget

How To Get The Most Out Of Washington DC On A Budget

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the cost of a vacation in Washington D.C. when you consider the sights and sounds to take in. A little bit of homework can help though, with valuable information on how to see as much as the city has to offer without breaking the bank. A bus tour of Washington DC is a great way to save a lot of money, but here are some other tips you can use:

Where to stay

The cost of your stay can drop dramatically just by moving away from the city and picking a hotel near Virginia or Maryland. If that’s not an option, the Northeast quadrant along the Red Line offers the best budget hotels, so do a bit of research before making a booking. Also try and get a hotel as close to a Metro stop as possible, to help you save on transportation costs.

How to get around

Bus tours of Washington DC show you the best of the city at the most reasonable costs, but getting around within the city is also cheap if you get a multi-day pass from the local mass transit authority WMATA. The Metro is another well-connected, efficient and affordable way to see the sights.

Where to eat

For foodies, Washington DC has a great mix of budget and premium restaurants, with delicious food never too far away from any of the monuments. Do a bit of homework before setting out for a meal, and your choices may surprise you. A lot of locals review the best eating spots that charge reasonable prices, so try a few apps that publish this information. You can also try neighborhoods like Chinatown and Georgetown, where pretty much any place will offer you a great meal for a great price.

A little planning helps

Before booking a bus tour of Washington DC, check out the schedules and sights being covered. You may find one that shows you most of the city at a good price while giving you access to guides who really know their way around. The team at DC Trails routinely recommends prioritizing stops at monuments and memorials because admission may be free but the lines can be huge.

Contact DC Trails for more recommendations

Washington DC has a host of hidden treasures and things to see and do without spending a fortune. Check out DCTrails for holiday ideas or schedules, and get in touch with our team for advice on anything you need!


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