How to Celebrate Columbus Day on the East Coast

How to Celebrate Columbus Day on the East Coast

Columbus Day is often overlooked compared to many other holidays. However, the long weekend offers the perfect opportunity to get away with your friends or family. Traveling on a New York City charter bus is a great way to relax and experience a wide range of activities. You can also check out many other East Coast cities by riding on a charter bus.

Here are a few of the top ways you can celebrate Columbus Day on the East Coast.

Visit New York City

Every year New York City hosts the Columbus Day Parade. The parade starts at Fifth Avenue between 44th and 72nd Street, as it’s a great way to celebrate Christopher Columbus landing in the Americas. The parade ends near Central Park, which is always fun to explore during the fall season. You can also travel on a charter bus in New York City to explore museums and many other historical attractions.

Spend Time in Washington, DC

Another way to celebrate Columbus Day is to visit Washington, DC while riding on a bus. While the nation’s capital doesn’t host a parade, it does host a special ceremony at the Christopher Columbus Memorial Fountain each year, as it’s located at the Union Station Plaza. Embassy representatives from Spain and Italy will lay wreaths at the base of the statue while many other organizations also take part in this event.

Check Out Boston

Boston also hosts a yearly parade celebrating Christopher Columbus discovering the Americas. The parade always runs throughout North End, which is known as “Little Italy,” and it ends at Christopher Columbus Park. You can participate in many different games, listen to live music and experience many other attractions while celebrating this special day with your friends and family members.

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