Here are a Few Must-Have Items for Your Washington, DC Trip

Here are a Few Must-Have Items for Your Washington, DC Trip

Washington, DC, offers numerous attractions and is a fantastic trip for the entire family. Understanding the best items to pack for your trip is always a great idea to ensure that you are well-prepared. Before saddling up with your Washington, DC, tour guide, the team from DC Trails has collected some insight below to make sure you’re prepared.

Here are a few must-have items to ensure you’re comfortable when going on your Washington, DC, guided tour.

1. Bring a Water Bottle
A water bottle is a great option to keep you cool and hydrated during your visit to DC. The key to choosing a water bottle is to find one large enough that will keep you hydrated throughout the day without being too big or bulky.

2. Carry a Backpack
Any Washington, DC, tour guide will tell you that a backpack is an excellent way to carry all your items as you walk throughout the city. It needs to be large enough to hold all your things while not being heavy enough to weigh you down. You can check out numerous styles of backpacks to find the one that best matches your needs.

3. Keep an Umbrella Nearby
Bringing an umbrella with you is always a good idea, especially during the spring season due to the rainy weather. Finding an umbrella that is easy to store in your backpack or bag is essential. Many types of umbrellas are compact, making it easy to carry them with you. You wouldn’t want a little rain to put a damper on your Washington, DC, guided tour would you?

4. Carry a Power Bank
A power bank is a must-have item if you own a smartphone. It allows you to charge your phone at any time without having to be near a power outlet. They’re available in various styles; heavier power banks offer more power to ensure that your phone always has a full charge.

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