Fun Things You Can Do in Washington, DC

Fun Things You Can Do in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is always a popular destination throughout the year. Learning about all of the different attractions is essential while planning your trip. Scheduling private tours of Washington, DC, is an excellent way to explore the city while giving you the opportunity to explore a wide variety of places.

We’ve listed some fun things to do while you are in Washington, DC.

National Mall
One of the best places to visit in Washington DC is the National Mall. This iconic site is filled with historical landmarks, such as the Washington Monument and the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. You can also spend time at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and World War II Memorials. Several sculptures are also nearby that showcase the bravery of these soldiers.

The White House
The White House is one of the most iconic places in the United States. You can take a private tour of the most famous rooms in the White House. Of course, it’s important to schedule your tour many months in advance due to its popularity. The Visitor Center is also near the White House, as it offers plenty of interactive features and behind-the-scenes facts.

The National Zoo
The National Zoo gives you the chance to check out hundreds of exotic animals from around the world. A few of the most popular exhibits include giant pandas, elephants, tigers, and gorillas. The zoo is also home to a beautifully recreated Amazonian Forest. You can even take a private tour of the zoo for a truly unforgettable experience.

National Museum of American History
The National Museum of American History is always a top destination in Washington DC. The museum is home to many different attractions, such as the original American flag, Thomas Edison’s lightbulb, and many historical documents. Currently, the museum is home to more than 155 million items, as it’s the largest museum in the world.

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