Fun Things to Do while on a Tour of Washington, DC

Fun Things to Do while on a Tour of Washington, DC

Washington, DC, is a historic city that offers numerous events throughout the year that are fun for both individuals and families. Scheduling a bus tour allows you to check out iconic buildings and explore the rich history in the area. Here are a few of the most popular attractions if you are considering a tour of Washington, DC!

Labor Day Concert
The National Symphony Orchestra’s concert on Labor Day is one of the top attractions each year. You can listen to amazing music performances while checking out the breathtaking scenery of Washington, DC. The outdoor Labor Day concert is free to the public, and it is always a great idea to be there early for the best view.

Lake Anne Jazz and Blues Festival
The Lake Anne Jazz and Blues Festival is less than an hour away from Washington, DC, but is a time-honored tradition that showcases local artists and international jazz performers. The Lake Anne Jazz and Blues Festival is the perfect time to sit back and relax while listening to talented musicians and enjoying delicious food with friends and family.

Truckeroo is a monthly event that showcases the diverse range of food trucks in the DC area. You can also enjoy live music and fun games while trying out a wide variety of local cuisines. The diverse selection of food ensures that everyone will have plenty of options to try out new selections of food or enjoy their favorite meals on their next tour of Washington, DC.

National Book Festival
Each year Washington, DC, is home to the National Book Festival, featuring over 100 award-winning authors and poets. The National Book Festival is an excellent time to learn more about your favorite authors while getting an opportunity for them to sign your books. It’s free to the general public and hosted at the Washington Convention Center.

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