Everything You Need to Know Before Renting A Charter Bus in Washington DC

Everything You Need to Know Before Renting A Charter Bus in Washington DC

You want to plan your next incredible group trip, but cannot imagine how you will organize getting everyone to the destination safely, comfortably, and on time.There are so many options; from carpools to plane rides to transport your group, but all of these options make it more likely for group members to get lost, lose their luggage, or arrive late.The best way for your group to travel in a safe efficient, and fun manner is by renting a Washington DC charter bus, especially when touring a city with so much to offer.

To help you organize your next Charter bus rental, here is a guide to everything you need to know before renting a charter bus.

What is a charter bus?

A charter bus is a private vehicle reserved for the use of a group. Using a charter bus rental means you can set your bus route and time, to arrive at your destination in comfort, and privacy. At DC Trails, our charter bus tours take you to see the greatest sites through Washington DC, and as far as New York.

What amenities are included in the charter bus rental?

At DC Trails we ensure our charter buses meet the highest standard of comfort to ensure you enjoy a luxurious tour through Washington DC. Amenities include:

  • Spacious, reclining seats
  • Media players
  • Abundant overhead storage
  • Luggage space below
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Restrooms

Power sockets mean you can travel reassured that your devices will never run out of battery and our convenient Wi-Fi access means you can share photos and videos of your tour on social media throughout the entire trip.

Who operates the charter bus tour?

Our Washington DC charter bus tours are operated by experienced, professional drivers who ensure the safety and comfort of your group. Unlike many tours where you are left reading pamphlets or listening to pre-recorded audio, our Washington DC tours are narrated in person by your knowledgeable DC Trails tour operator who will take you to the best sites around Washington DC, and show you undiscovered gems off the tourist trail!

How much does a charter bus rental cost?

Our charter bus rentals vary in price depending on the size of your group. With over 66 state-of-the-art motorcoaches in our fleet, we can accommodate groups from 15 upwards, with prices decreasing as your group size increases.

Washington DC Charter Bus Rentals & More

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