Bus Tours in Washington DC – 7 Must-See Monuments and Memorials

Bus Tours in Washington DC – 7 Must-See Monuments and Memorials

There’s a reason why DC Trails bus tours in Washington DC attract so many people right through the year. For those interested in the history of America, there is no city that offers such a wide and interesting array of memorials and monuments in one place. Here are some of the must-see spots that need to be on your list:

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

This memorial is actually divided into four outdoor rooms that hold statues and murals depicting some of the most important moments in America’s history, from World War II to the Great Depression. The beautiful gardens outside are also extremely popular right through the year.

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial

One of the most moving memorials on the National Mall, this place honors members of the U.S. armed forces who fought, died or went missing during the Vietnam War. Visitors still leave photographs, letters, and mementos of their loved ones here.

  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Many describe this as a particularly moving memorial in Washington DC, and it’s easy to see why. Designed as a smaller version of the Roman Pantheon, its interior holds a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson, while its walls are inlaid with excerpts from his speeches, letters, and the Declaration of Independence.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

“With this faith, we will be able to hew out of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope.” These words, by Dr. King, were spoken not far from here, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. It pays tribute to the most famous leader of the civil rights movement.

  • World War II Memorial

More than 400,000 people perished during this war, and over 16 million men and women served overseas. This memorial celebrates those heroes and continues to attract visits from veterans who stop by to pay their respects each year.

  • Washington Monument

This famous obelisk was built to honor America’s first president, George Washington and is the world’s tallest freestanding stone structure.

  • Lincoln Memorial

Possibly the most favorite monument in Washington DC, this 19-foot statue of Abraham Lincoln has been towering over visitors since it was dedicated in 1922. It continues to be home to many iconic moments in the history of America.

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