Bus Tours in DC – About Our BluBird Senior Tour Package

Bus Tours in DC – About Our BluBird Senior Tour Package

Utilizing DC Trails’ BluBird Senior Bus Tours for your bus tours in DC is a smart route to take for your upcoming trip to the area. There are a few things that you should keep in mind to make your forthcoming tour as pleasant an experience as possible.

  • Reservations

We invite our 55 and older community to make reservations in advance, but you can’t make any reservations before the period opens up for a trip. We start taking reservations on the first day they’re available by phone for up to four people per call. Our tours are first come-first served, so once a trip is full no more reservations can be taken. If you miss out on a reservation, you can be placed on a standby list in case a reservation is canceled. A minimum number is also required for the tour not to be canceled. Our bus tours in DC include day and overnight tours. For our day tours, the minimum is 20, and for the overnight tours, it’s 30.

  • Payment

Payment can be made by cash in the exact amount due, credit card, money order, or check. Payment must be made within two weeks of the date you made your reservation. Not making your payment during this period will result in your spot going to the next individual on the standby list. You will not receive notice if you’re dropped due to non-payment. Contact our finance department about your bus tours in DC as installment payments can be made available to you for extended overnight trips.

  • Cancellations and Refunds

We understand that life happens. In case you need to cancel your reservation, contact the Quality tour and request to speak with an agent that deals with our Bluebird Tours. There’s an administrative fee of five dollars for day trips and 10 dollars for overnight trips. We do offer refunds in the event that someone on the standby list can take your spot or if the Tour Coordinator can get a full refund from the vendor used for the trip. You’re able to purchase trip cancellation insurance for your bus tours in DC through a few different companies to protect your trip investment.

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