Booking Your Washington, DC, Monument Tour

Booking Your Washington, DC, Monument Tour

When visiting Washington, DC, for an upcoming trip to the city, you’re likely to find yourself on the National Mall, a piece of land extending between the Lincoln Memorial and the U.S. Capitol. One of the great benefits of visiting the city to see the memorials is that the memorials are usually open 24-hours-a-day, all week long. So you’ll be able to enjoy unfettered access to historic monuments.

Let’s explore some of the Washington, DC monuments and tour options.

The U.S. Capitol

Tours of the U.S. Capitol building are very popular throughout the year. It’s important to note if you’re visiting for the express purpose of seeing the Capitol building you should book well in advance, as tours can fill up quickly.

The Washington Monument

A key element in U.S. history, the Washington Monument in DC welcomes tours from across the globe. Make sure you plan in advance when booking your Washington monument tours as the Monument has been under repair in recent years and may be closed on specific days. Call your local tour company to find out more about your Washington Monument tour options.

The Lincoln Memorial

Like the Martin Luther King Memorial and the National World War II Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial is open throughout the day and night and can be visited at your leisure. Remember that these memorials are often locations for solemn reflection and that many Americans take great pride in their history, so it’s important for you to remain peaceful during your visit. While this can be an exciting tour for children to enjoy, you may wish to explain the importance of the memorial to children before you arrive in order to ensure a calm and respectful visit.

Book your tours with DC Trails

Our team at DC Trails can help you to book tours to the Washington Monument and locations throughout DC. We have decades of experience planning tours and can help you choose an option to suit your trip objectives. Whether your goal is to visit the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial, we’ll help you reach your destination in comfort. Book your trip with us today.


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