A Washington DC Night Tour Is A Great Way To Explore The Nation’s Capital

A Washington DC Night Tour Is A Great Way To Explore The Nation’s Capital

Vacations to the Nation’s capital are always exciting and memorable occasions, but some tourists quickly realize the advantages of Washington DC night tours. The streets are more manageable, of course, but these tours really provide an experience that is almost magical. Like all great cities, it feels like a whole new place after sunset. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a night tour on your next vacation, whether you’re traveling alone or with family.

An experience like no other

Washington DC is a diverse place with all kinds of interesting facts and places waiting to be discovered. It changes at night though, when these attractions that are already beautiful by day suddenly take on an added sense of mystery.

Private tours to consider

You can choose your Washington DC night tour based on your interests, schedule or requirements. Your tour can take into account the amount of time you have, on the basis of which you can choose what aspects of the city you would like to explore. Popular night tours usually take visitors through Arlington, Georgetown, National Cathedral, Chinatown, the Potomac River waterfront, DuPont Circle and the downtown area around the National Mall. You can also opt for a private tour customized to your needs, with trained guides on hand to answer any questions you may have.

What you can expect

If you do opt for a Washington DC night tour, there are all kinds of historic monuments and landmarks you can consider checking out, from Union Station and the Senate Office Buildings to the Native American Indian Museum, National Gallery of Art, National Archives, U.S. Navy Memorial, the Holocaust Memorial, Potomac River, Washington’s famous cherry blossom trees, the F.B.I Building, National Theater, Pentagon Memorial and experiences such as the changing of the guard. Needless to say, there is a whole lot more history waiting to be accessed, depending on your interests.

Night Tours of Washington DC

When you choose Washington DC night tours, you get a chance to experience the capital of the United States in a whole new manner. DC Trails has all kinds of other interesting holiday ideas and schedules that are guaranteed to make your trip memorable. For more information, get in touch with us today!


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