A Guide to Your First Trip to Washington, D.C.

A Guide to Your First Trip to Washington, D.C.

Our travel team at DC Trails offers guided tours of Washington, D.C. led by our knowledgeable staff, who have all of the expertise needed to advise first-time visitors on a successful trip. In this blog, we’ve provided a few important tips for those who are traveling to the nation’s capital for the first time.

  • Timing is everything

With so many important historical sites to see in Washington, D.C., it is essential to narrow down your to-do list to a few of the sites that you are most interested in visiting. Some of the famous monuments and memorials around the city such as the Lincoln Memorial will be available to you at all hours of the day, so it is wise to save these for the evening.

If you plan on visiting the White House, this must be organized through the embassy a minimum of 21 days in advance, or you will not be granted entry.

There are advantages to visiting Washington, D.C. during all of the seasons. However, many tourists opt for a visit during the Springtime as it is not as busy as the summer months, yet the weather is still beautiful.

Visitors who wish to take the stress out of planning a full, time-sensitive itinerary may want to explore the guided tours offered in Washington, D.C.

  • Take advantage of opportunities to save money

Washington D.C. is an incredible city for free galleries and museums, as well as the National Zoo and many of the monuments and memorials. There are endless options for keeping busy in this city on a budget.

With exemplary environmental initiatives across the city, which encourage locals and visitors to refill their water bottles, there is no reason to waste money on multiple disposable water bottles during your stay.

For those who prefer to pay a single price for all of their activities, transportation, and other travel essentials, a guided tour could be the most economical option for first-time visitors to Washington, D.C.

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