A Guide to the Sights to Discover on Your City Tour of Washington, DC

A Guide to the Sights to Discover on Your City Tour of Washington, DC

Washington, DC is a city of distinctive sights and there’s so much to discover that it can be overwhelming on your first visit. To help you plan, let’s explore some of the sights to take in during your first City Tour of Washington, DC.

The Lincoln Memorial

Located at the west end of the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial is a white stone building with 36 columns featuring a 19-foot statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting, deep in thought. On each side of the statute, there are inscriptions – one for Lincoln’s second inaugural address and one for his famous Gettysburg Address.

The World War II Memorial

Sitting at the East End of the National Mall Reflecting Pool is the World War II Memorial. The Memorial honors the 16 million people who served in the U.S. Army and the more than 400,000+ people who have given their lives for their country. The Memorial includes 56 columns that highlight the unity between the states.

The Washington Monument

One of the most well-known sights in Washington, DC, the Washington Monument was built to honor George Washington. This obelisk-shaped structure is designed using marble, granite, and bluestone gneiss. It’s the world’s largest stone-made structure at over 555 feet tall.

The Smithsonian Museum

The Smithsonian is a museum that combines a research complex and several connected museums within one area. When you enter the Smithsonian, you’ll find the Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the National History Museum. There’s several hours’ worth of exhibits to explore and you may be able to plan and visit on a day in which an expert lecture is taking place. For those who wish to learn more about the history of the country, and of their favorite specialist subject, the Smithsonian Museum is a must-see Washington, DC venue on your City Tour.

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