A Guide to Exploring Washington DC by Charter Bus

A Guide to Exploring Washington DC by Charter Bus

Washington, DC is one of the top hubs for tourists across the country. Each year, over 20 million people travel from within the United States and across the globe to make their way to our capital.

Our team at DC Trails provides Washington DC visitors with charter bus options for a convenient approach to local travel.

Let’s explore why so many are now booking charter bus trips to Washington DC.

A Range of Sites in a Small Area

A leading reason so many choose to book trips to Washington DC is there’s so much to see and do in a small area. So, if you only have a few days to take a trip, you can visit Washington DC, and enjoy world-class cuisine, visit renowned museums, and explore some of the most revered national sites, such as the White House.

For those with a limited schedule, a visit to Washington DC over a few days can help forge decades of lasting memories.

See History Come Alive

For so many people, Washington DC is the cultural homeland of the United States. There are historic sites across the city, which form a large part of the country’s roots. Whether it’s the imposing Lincoln Memorial or the unique architecture of the Washington Monument, there are sites across the city that represent centuries of history.

Award-Winning Restaurants

Few cities across the world can match Washington DC, for its selection of high-quality restaurants.

Whether you’re searching for culinary delights from across the globe or quality American cuisine carefully crafted by some of the nation’s top chefs, there is a broad array of options across Washington DC.

The most challenging part will be deciding where to eat your next meal.

Stunning Art and Museums

The art scene in Washington DC brings people worldwide together to explore pieces by renowned global artists. There’s the National Gallery of Art, where guests can take in stunning art pieces by the likes of Da Vinci and Whistler. And the National Air and Space Museum, offering something for people of all ages, such as historical artifacts highlighting years of space flight.

Each road you travel on your charter bus tour of Washington DC will present a new museum or art gallery.

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