A Full Guide to Visiting the National Mall in Washington, DC

A Full Guide to Visiting the National Mall in Washington, DC

The National Mall in Washington, DC is a prime destination for history buffs, architecture enthusiasts, and museum aficionados. With an abundance of museums and monuments scattered throughout the United States Capitol, there’s something to pique the interest of every visitor.


Here, our team at DCTrails, your go-to charter bus rental company, tells you what you should know about exploring the iconic landmarks and renowned museums of the National Mall.


The National Mall


The National Mall and Memorial Park ranks as the most visited national park in the US. Spanning 1,000+ acres, it hosts numerous monuments and museums, preserving historic treasures. Formally, it extends between Madison Dr. NW and Jefferson Dr. NW, bordering landmarks like the Washington Monument and the US Capitol. While it doesn’t include certain memorials, it’s collectively known as the National Mall and Memorial Parks.


The Best Time to Visit the National Mall


The optimal time to visit Washington, DC, varies. Fall, particularly September to November, offers cooler temperatures and picturesque trees as summer crowds lessen. Spring, from mid-to-late March through April, attracts visitors for cherry blossom season around the Tidal Basin. Expect crowds and higher prices, but the bloom is a sight to behold. For budget travelers, winter, which is December to February, typically brings lower fares and hotel rates.


Group Charter Busses to the National Mall


Navigating to the National Mall with a large group in separate vehicles poses challenges. However, you can simplify your National Mall trip with a private charter bus that offers reliable transportation and tours in Washington, DC. With a private charter bus, you can create your own itinerary depending on the attractions you want to see.


Choose a premium private charter bus from DCTrails for a hassle-free excursion to Washington, DC, without breaking the bank. With deluxe features such as reclining seats and WiFi, we guarantee a comfortable journey to and from your destination.


Where to Park When Visiting the National Mall


During the busy spring and summer seasons, finding parking near Washington, DC’s National Mall can be challenging. The National Park Service offers about 1,200 metered spaces and 300 free spots, with additional private lots downtown. Public parking, including metered and free spots, has a strict three-hour limit for both cars and motor coaches. While free car parking is available at East Potomac Park near Hains Point, it may not be ideal for groups due to limited availability and inconvenience.


Charter bus companies like DCTrails handle parking logistics for charter buses, with limited street parking options on Independence Ave and Ohio Drive. Off-street parking provides easier access. After dropping off your group at the National Mall, your driver can find parking at various off-street locations for added convenience. With DCTrails, navigating parking challenges becomes seamless, allowing you to focus on exploring the attractions of Washington, DC, hassle-free.


After your group is safely dropped off at your chosen National Mall spot, your driver can locate parking at the following off-street locations:


  • RFK Stadium
  • Union Station Garage
  • Buzzard’s Point


Tips for Travelling to the National Mall


Comfortable Footwear is Essential


Ensure you’re equipped with comfy shoes as you’ll be covering considerable ground while exploring the National Mall and Memorial Parks. Take your time with a leisurely stroll through this iconic area.


Plan Ahead for Efficiency


Create a travel plan to maximize your time, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. Strategize which monuments and museums to visit and when to avoid unnecessary backtracking across the park.


Accessibility Matters


The National Mall and major monuments and memorials are wheelchair accessible. Most museums offer courtesy wheelchairs on a first-come, first-served basis.


Parking Considerations


Accessible parking is available at the National Mall, but it can be scarce during peak seasons. Plan accordingly and be prepared for potential limitations.


Security Measures


While personal items like purses and small backpacks are allowed in museums, they’ll undergo security checks. Larger bags and luggage items are best left on your charter bus or at your accommodations.


Food and Drink Policies


Be mindful of food and drink policies, as they vary by museum and monument. While some allow resealable drinks and snacks, consumption is typically restricted to designated areas. Consider enjoying snacks after your museum visit.


Dining Options


Though larger museums host cafes and restaurants, the food may not be exceptional. Pack snacks and refreshments for your National Mall excursion, reserving dinner for restaurants in the Penn Quarter or Georgetown neighborhoods.


Tops Museums to Visit in the National Mall


National Museum of Natural History


Visit the National Museum of Natural History and see fascinating natural artifacts and specimens from around the globe. Explore dinosaurs, ancient sea creatures, and renowned gems like the iconic 45.5-carat Hope Diamond. Don’t miss the renowned butterfly pavilion!


National Museum of American History


Explore collections and exhibitions involving film, culinary history, women’s history, LGBTQ history, and American innovation at the National Museum of American History. Here, iconic treasures like Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz and a 200-year-old star-spangled banner are sights you can’t miss.


National Gallery of Art


An impressive 271,000 square feet across two buildings, the National Gallery of Art stands as one of the largest art museums in the Western Hemisphere. The West Building houses the bulk of the museum’s collections, with an array of European artworks spanning from 13th-century Italian to 19th-century French masterpieces.


See renowned works by artists such as da Vinci, van Gogh, and Monet, as well as Dutch masters including Rembrandt and Vermeer. For enthusiasts of contemporary art, the museum offers a plethora of pieces from modern masters like Calder, Close, and Rothko. Before you leave, be sure to explore the Sculpture Garden next to the West Building for a big finale to your visit.


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