5 Tips to Finding the Best Bus Tours in Washington DC

5 Tips to Finding the Best Bus Tours in Washington DC

Bus tours of Washington, DC, are a fun way to see the wonderful, informative sites in the area without having the stress of dealing with hectic traffic or crowded public transportation. Here are five tips to finding the best tour for your next DC trip.

  1. Compare Routes and Stops.

It is impossible to see everything that DC has to offer in a single day, or even a weekend. When comparing bus tours of Washington, DC, review each tour’s route or stop locations to ensure you see the sites that you desire the most.

  1. Review Safety Records.

Safety is a huge deal and as such should be the tour company’s highest priority. Here at DC Trails, for example, we take great care to ensure our drivers have safe records and maintain the highest level of safety throughout each tour.

  1. Explore Service Options and Equipment Features.

Often, bus tours will be available on multiple routes, times, or specialties. For example, we have three main options:

  • Hop-On Hop-Off Tours – Explore DC at your own pace with 20 stops throughout the area.
  • DC Twilight Tours – See DC at its most beautiful with our 3.5-hour long evening tours of the city’s most iconic locations and monuments.
  • Blubird Senior Tours – One day and overnight options designed particularly for the 55+ community.

DC Trails’ buses are well maintained with climate controlled interiors and open air top level seating for panoramic views of the breathtakingly beautiful DC area.

  1. Consider Tour Guide Experience.

Bus tours are only as good as the tour guide is experienced so you want to make sure your tour is led by a knowledgeable guide with in-depth information on all the area’s best locations. They should be able to answer all your questions fully while on the tour.

  1. Read Recent Customer Reviews.

As when making a large purchase, you should research the tour providers before booking your tour. Read and consider recent reviews to get a better idea of what to expect and avoid those companies that tend to have more complaints than praise.

Here at DC Trails we are proud to offer our customers safe and expertly narrated bus tours of Washington’s most iconic locations. For more information or to book your next DC trip, please contact the professionals at DC Trails today!


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