4 Tips for Your First Visit to Washington DC

4 Tips for Your First Visit to Washington DC

The world is opening up again and you’re probably itching to explore somewhere new, and what better place to visit than our nation’s capital! If you’re planning your first visit to DC, it can often be overwhelming to know where to start given how much historical significance is jam-packed into the city. Lucky for you we’ve compiled a few of our best tips for your first trip to Washington DC.

  1. Plan Well in Advance

Once you’ve set your tour dates, you’ll need to get the ball rolling if you want to get access to some of the more exclusive landmarks. While there are tons of free activities you can do and locations to visit, there are many places that are closed for walk-in visitors. If you’re angling for a White House tour you’ll need to submit a request to a member of Congress or go through an embassy if you’re international, and tours of the U.S. Capitol also need to be arranged in advance. When you’re planning your itinerary, make sure you’re also taking into account the distance to get to each landmark, and remember the Mall is actually much bigger than it looks on television!

  1. Consider Time of Year

Before booking your trip, make sure you’re considering the time of year. Summer can get pretty hot in the DC area, plus its peak tourism season. Winter is definitely quieter tourism-wise, and spring and fall are great options as well, especially if you’re interested in seeing some beautiful cherry blossoms!

  1. Guided Tours are the Way to Go

While it’s possible to plan out your own path to see all the different monuments and landmarks, a guided tour is the better option. Whether it’s through a chartered bus or a hop-on-hop-off style double-decker, you’ll get guaranteed transportation to and from the biggest landmarks along with all the best historical insights from trained and professional guides. Plus you can save your energy to thoroughly explore each location rather than spending it all walking from place to place!

  1. Don’t waste your money!

When it comes to tourism, DC has some amazing options for even the most budget-conscious. All of the monuments and memorials are free to visit, as well as many of the beautiful parks and even the National Zoo! There are also tons of free museums including the Smithsonian museums, the National Gallery, and the Hirschhorn, and the public transit systems allow for great access to all of these locations, so no need to spend money on car rentals!

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