4 Reasons Why Mount Vernon Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

4 Reasons Why Mount Vernon Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Washington, DC is home to many interesting monuments, which is why we offer a variety of unique tours around the city. One of the most important historical sites, however, is just outside of the city in Mount Vernon. At DC Trails, we offer a day trip to Mount Vernon from Washington, DC on one of our comfortable, air-conditioned, double-decker buses.

Here are four reasons why you should put Mount Vernon at the top of your travel list:

1. Easily accessible from Washington, DC

Whether you are a Washington DC local, joining us for our highly rated monument tour of Mount Vernon or you are visiting this village from across the country, Mount Vernon’s location makes it a very convenient place to visit. The village is situated close to Washington, DC, accessible with just a 40-minute drive. Travelers who have not yet visited Washington, DC can enjoy this city in addition to Mount Vernon Village during a single trip.

2. Learn more about U.S. history

Mount Vernon is one of the most treasured attractions in the United States, as it was home to the founding father and first president, George Washington. Visitors can walk in this important political leader’s footsteps and take a tour of his impressive, well-preserved 18th-century mansion. The village also offers visitors a chance to learn more about George Washington’s presidency and life story with fascinating exhibits in the museum and education center. On our double-decker tour from Washington, DC, our guides are happy to answer any additional questions you may have about the village.

3. Step into nature

While most visitors travel to Virginia’s Mount Vernon for a dose of history, this destination also offers a look at George Washington’s beautiful farming grounds as well as a stunning view of the Potomac River. Additionally, our tour participants can enjoy a quiet stroll through Martha Washington’s gardens while visiting Mount Vernon.

4. Child-friendly activities and entertainment

Not only is Mount Vernon a great place for children to gain an appreciation and understanding of American history, but this quaint village also boasts a few great activities and entertainment that is suitable for kids. Your children can step back in time and engage in history while actors play the part of 18th-century pioneers. Additionally, Mount Vernon is famous for their incredible gift shop, where both children and adults can find something to remember the site.

DCTrails – Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Mt Vernon?

Mount Vernon was the plantation and burial site of George Washington, who was the American Revolutionary War general and first President of the United States, along with his wife Martha and 20 other members of the Washington family.

Is Mount Vernon worth visiting?

The answer to whether visiting George Washington’s Mount Vernon mansion is worth it is yes. One of the top reasons for this is because of the wide range of things you’ll see, including historical sites, unique artifacts, and much more.

How long did George Washington live at Mount Vernon?

George Washington started living in the house his father built in 1734. Over the 38 years he owned it and the 45 years he lived there, he greatly expanded both the mansion and the surrounding land at Mount Vernon.

How much time do you need at Mount Vernon?

Buying a general admission ticket includes one-day admittance to the Mount Vernon estate and an audio tour. With this ticket, it’s recommended to spend at least three hours on your visit, but shorter visits can also be done.

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