4 Reasons to Choose Charter Bus Travel Over a Plane

4 Reasons to Choose Charter Bus Travel Over a Plane

Are you considering your next travel adventure and debating between flying or taking a charter bus? A charter bus, such as ours at DCTrails, might be your best bet. Choose a charter bus over a plane to get to your destination for the following four reasons:

  1. 1. Ample Leg Room

Airplane seats can feel really cramped, leaving you with little legroom for hours on end. On average, there are only about 30 inches of space between your seat and the one in front of you. However, on a charter bus, the seats are usually positioned much further, giving you more room to stretch your legs.

And if you’re still not satisfied with the legroom on a charter bus, the great thing is that you have the freedom to move around with fewer restrictions. On planes, turbulence or other issues also may require you to stay seated, limiting your mobility.

  1. 2. Environmentally Friendly

Planes fly at very high altitudes, which actually magnifies their impact on the environment. For every gallon of fuel burned, planes have an environmental impact that is 1.9 times greater than that of buses.

In terms of carbon emissions, planes can emit a large amount of carbon dioxide per mile per passenger, and this number can be even higher when the plane is not full. On the other hand, charter buses emit a much smaller amount of carbon dioxide per mile per passenger, making them much more environmentally friendly compared to planes. 

  1. 3. Easier Travel

When you travel by airplane, the total travel time includes various steps. You need to factor in arriving at the airport 60-90 minutes ahead of time, checking your baggage, going through security, locating your gate, and waiting in your seat for the plane to take off. Once you land, there’s still the task of finding baggage claim and waiting for a transfer vehicle to take you to your actual destination.

On the other hand, a charter bus offers a more convenient experience. It can pick you up right from your neighborhood or a designated pickup spot and take you directly to your final destination, with the option to make as many or as few stops as you’d like along the way.

  1. 4. Comfortable Transportation

Bus manufacturers prioritize passenger comfort, especially since bus trips tend to be longer compared to plane rides. Many buses are equipped with leather seats specifically designed for long-term comfort, while most planes still have outdated fabric seats with rough textures and uneven cushions.

Similar to plane seats, charter bus seats can recline for added relaxation. However, buses also offer the advantage of large panoramic windows, unlike the small and unevenly spaced windows typically found on planes. 

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