4 Must-Do Easter Activities for Your Washington DC Trip

4 Must-Do Easter Activities for Your Washington DC Trip

With Easter fast approaching, you might be pondering the ideal destination for your upcoming long weekend. Why not opt for Washington DC? Easter holds a special place in Washington DC’s calendar, with plenty of things to do in the city. Whether you’re look for outdoor adventures or indoor festivities, Washington DC offers something for everyone to enjoy alongside family and friends.


To simplify your trip planning, our team at DCTrails has curated four essential activities for your Easter long weekend getaway.


1. Easter Egg Hunt


With numerous events organized and enjoyed across the city, Easter egg hunts are a favorite in Washington DC. With a plethora of options, those visiting Washington DC have the option to select their desired egg hunt location, whether it’s within the city or the surrounding countryside.


Adults can experience Easter egg hunts in Dupont Circle, where local businesses team up to offer hidden eggs filled with exclusive discounts, adding an exciting twist to the traditional hunt.


2. Easter Egg Roll at the White House


Dating back to 1878, President Rutherford B. Hayes launched the tradition of the Easter Egg Roll at the White House by welcoming the city’s children to enjoy the south lawn for their egg-rolling festivities.


Children of all ages are invited to join in this tradition on Easter Sunday, offering a wonderful opportunity for them to discover its history. The event includes costumed characters, stories, and musical performances, guaranteeing an enjoyable day for everyone in attendance.


3. Easter Brunch


Sharing an Easter brunch with family stands out as one of the top experiences for your weekend getaway. Many restaurants offer plenty of options for Easter brunch with family-style dining to create the perfect atmosphere for the occasion. In areas such as Old Town Alexandria, numerous independently owned restaurants are prepared to please guests with their special holiday menus.


4. Sunrise Service at Lincoln Memorial


Every year, thousands gather at the Lincoln Memorial to watch the sunrise and experience a unique Easter service. Open to everyone, it provides a great moment to pause and reflect with your loved ones. You can plan a visit to the monument later in the day to learn about the fascinating history of the president.


5. Family Celebration at the National Zoo


Every year on Easter, the National Zoo hosts an affair featuring crafts, live entertainment, a gastronomic fair, and an Easter egg hunt on the Monday following Easter weekend. You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to experience Easter at the National Zoo in Washington DC.


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