3 Things You Should Know About Your Charter Bus Driver

3 Things You Should Know About Your Charter Bus Driver

If you’re looking to rent a corporate charter bus in Washington D.C., DC Trails can help. They work with highly qualified drivers who are experienced in operating bus rentals. The company will pair you with an experienced driver for your trip. On this page, DC Trails gives you a complete understanding of what you should know about your charter bus driver, including their qualifications and the best ways to work with them during the trip.

  1. If They Are Licensed

Before a driver is approved to drive a charter bus for your trip, they must pass various tests, including a background check, driving performance evaluation, physical examination, hearing and vision test, and drug screening. The driver has obtained a Certified Driver’s License after passing all these tests.

DC Trails can also provide drivers with specific skills if required. For instance, if your trip requires access to a secure area or base, we can provide a driver with the necessary security clearance.

    1. Arrangements for Long Trips

Before your next charter bus journey, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with how to cooperate with the driver for a seamless experience. By law, the driver must take breaks at specific intervals, the number and timing of which depend on the duration of your trip. The driver is only permitted to operate the bus for 10 hours continuously or be on duty for up to 15 hours, after which they must take an 8-hour break for rest.

    1. Extra Services

In addition to the standard qualifications, your bus driver can provide additional support to ensure a successful charter bus trip. The driver will make sure that the trip runs on schedule, with every driver in the DC Trails network striving to arrive 10 minutes ahead of schedule at each destination on your itinerary. The bus rental is also regularly checked and properly maintained for safety before and after each trip the driver operates, providing you with a secure and reliable ride.

If you hire a corporate charter bus in Washington D.C., the driver can also offer some travel services, such as helping with the loading and unloading of personal items onto the bus, either in the luggage compartment or overhead bins. The driver can also help with airport pick-ups by meeting your group near baggage claim, just let your reservation specialist know if you need this service.

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Booking a corporate charter bus in Washington D.C. with DC Trails means you can rest assured that you’re not just booking a bus, but also the services of a trustworthy and dependable driver. You can be confident that you and your passengers will be in safe hands. Contact us today to request a charter quote for your next corporate trip to D.C.


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