3 Fun Activities to Do in Mount Vernon During Thanksgiving

3 Fun Activities to Do in Mount Vernon During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bring all of your friends and family to visit historic Mount Vernon. You can explore the hometown of George Washington while watching numerous actors in colonial historical attire. Mount Vernon is located along the banks of the Potomac River and is less than an hour a drive to the nation’s capital. Washington DC bus tours are an excellent way to create many memories with friends and family during the holiday seasons.

Here are three fun activities to do in Mount Vernon during the Thanksgiving holidays.

  1. Experience Mount Vernon by Candlelight

Mount Vernon by Candlelight is always a favorite activity during the holiday season. A lantern-lit walk allows you to tour the entire historic area while also visiting various outbuildings and the slave quarters. Lady Washington will also welcome you inside the mansion to share many interesting stories of past Christmases. You can also visit the Greenhouse and experience 18th-century dancing.

  1. Thanksgiving Recipes

You can bring a piece of Mount Vernon to your holiday celebration with original recipes from the Mount Vernon Inn. These recipes include countless different types of bread, desserts, meats, stews, and vegetables. All of these delicious recipes are a great way to experience the rich culinary traditions of Mount Vernon.

  1. Meet Aladdin the Camel

Aladdin the camel is always a popular attraction during the Thanksgiving holidays. George Washington paid 18 shillings, which is nearly $870 in today’s money to bring a camel to Mount Vernon to entertain all of his guests. Mount Vernon continues this tradition by letting visitors enjoy a visit from Aladdin throughout the holiday season.

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