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Explore Washington By Night with a DC Trails Twilight Tour

DC Trails Twilight Tour Details

When traveling to a city with as many exciting attractions as Washington, DC, it’s easy to become overwhelmed navigating through the crowds of tourists during the day. Fortunately, Washington is uniquely vibrant at night and offers many attractions, which are open to the public at all hours. Visitors can gain a new perspective on this enchanting city with the highly-regarded DC Trails Twilight Tour.

Continue reading for everything you need to know about our Twilight Tour of Washington, DC.

DC Trails Twilight Tour Details


At DC Trails, we are proud to offer perfectly maintained buses with air conditioning for additional comfort during the warm months. During our Twilight Tour, participants will travel on a double-decker charter bus, where they can enjoy excellent views of the city from our open top deck. During the summer in Washington, the hot, humid air cools down into a beautiful summer breeze in the evening. If you are traveling to Washington, DC during the summer, our double-decker bus will allow you to bask in the city’s great weather. Passengers will feel safe with our experienced team of bus drivers, who are there to ensure a smooth journey.

What to expect

Our Twilight Tour begins at 478 L’Enfant Plaza at 7 pm and takes approximately 3.5 hours with 15-45-minute stops at the major attractions. Passengers can enjoy an engaging description of the city’s famous monuments and memorials from our knowledgeable tour guides. Visitors are sure to be entertained from beginning to end with fascinating tales that bring the city to life. Washington’s major monuments such as the White House and the United States Capitol are lit up at night and become much quieter as the crowds turn in for the evening.


At DC trails, we are passionate about making our tours accessible to all with wheelchair and stroller access to our double-decker charter busses. These busses are equipped with washrooms and feature comfortable seating for all passengers. Ticket prices range from $30-$45 and can be purchased online in advance. Those looking for tours further tailored to senior citizens can also explore our Bluebird Senior Tour.

If you are looking for a captivating view of Washington, DC by night, our Twilight Tour may be the perfect option for you. Contact us today for more information about our tours of Washington, DC or to request a quote for one of our charter buses!