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5 Ways to Professionally Manage a Crisis

The coronavirus outbreak has been a frightening development in all of our lives, and it is important that business owners have the tools they need to manage customer and employee relations during this unprecedented time. At DC Trails, we have made an effort to educate ourselves on the most effective ways to communicate with our customers and employees regarding recent changes in business operations and how we are proceeding.

Here are our top five tips for managing reactions to a crisis such as the recent global pandemic.

5 Tips for Businesses Managing a Crisis

1. Be honest about the information you have

Nothing is more disheartening to an employee who relies on their paycheck than receiving vague or contradicting information from their employer. Similarly, we recognize that our customers rely on our services for transportation, which is why we have strived to be entirely transparent about the status of our business operations and employee information throughout this crisis.

2. Provide regular updates

Although our doors are currently closed, it is important for us to keep our customers and employees updated on our proceedings at all times. By communicating through social media and offering a convenient contact form, we can keep all parties in the know, which helps our employees and travellers remain calm and feel informed.

3. Train employees on reaction management 

At DC Trails, we promptly trained our team on assisting our customers in the most effective way possible whether they received positive or negative communication. When our operations came to an temporary halt, it was important to be able to help a variety of travellers who had booked chartered bus tours and other transportation with us.

4. Be empathetic

Many employees have been forced to work from home for the first time, gone for weeks without information on their employment status, and have had to adapt to a new normal in their personal lives. Business owners should encourage their employees to take time for themselves each day and to lean on them for help while adjusting to a new method of work.

5. Prepare for the future

Working with your employees to prepare for future crises will not only make them feel equipped for future circumstances, but your customers will also gain confidence in your business.

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